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The Promise of Electrification

13 September 2023

IEEE Technology Center for Climate

The IEEE Technology Center for Climate (ITCC) supports partnerships with leading institutions to advance pragmatic technical approaches and solutions to climate change—and to drive global innovation through targeted collaboration and knowledge sharing.

It is dedicated to advancing the responsible development, deployment and use of technology for the environment and public good by connecting, informing and enabling problem-solvers to foster technological innovation that prioritizes sustainability.

ITCC provides a collaborative and interconnected approach for institutions to access neutral, practical expertise as they explore and implement technology to address climate change.

ITCC Pillars

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Technology Insight through our Knowledge Collaborative

Through IEEE’s diverse technical and geographic communities, we provide technically sound and neutral information to help ensure practical approaches for climate change technology development and use. We promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices related to technology for climate change and facilitate listening and learning opportunities.

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Collaboration and Partnership

By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among industry, government agencies and other stakeholders to address environmental implications of technology, we aim to inform and enable the development and implementation of responsible technology solutions and policies.

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Informing Policies through Vetted Technical Expertise

We engage with policy makers and regulatory bodies to provide technical expertise and insights into the development and implementation of climate policies.

Webinar Series

Empowering The Green Tech Revolution:
From Design to Deployment

ITCC provides a platform to catalyze connections and ideas. Our upcoming and recent series with Reuters, Empowering The Green Tech Revolution: From Design to Deployment showcases the value of our approach in bringing leaders and experts together in thought-provoking, community, and partnership-building events. The webinar series explores how technology contributes to climate goals and sustainability.

Episode Two
The Impact of Frontier Technologies on Climate

11 October 2023

The Impact of Frontier Technologies on Climate is organized as part of the IEEE Technology Center for Climate webinar series Empowering The Green Tech Revolution: From Design to Deployment. Co-organised by the IEEE Technology Center for Climate (ITCC) and Reuters Events on 11 October 2023, 14:00-15:00 CEST I 8:00-9:00 EST, the webinar looks at how frontier technologies such as AI, blockchain or immersive reality can contribute to tackling climate goals with disruptive solutions and, at the same time, have their own impact on climate.

Episode One
The Promise of Electrification

13 September 2023

Episode Three
The Green Digital Transformation

9 November 2023

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Episode Four
Engineering Workforce and Technical Skills For a Sustainable Future

Coming Soon!

Past Events

Where We Connect

2023 IEEE President and CEO Saifur Rahman participates in prominent sustainability events

The 2023 IEEE President and CEO Saifur Rahman engaged in two major sustainability events in Europe, the EU Green Week on June 8, and the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) on June 20, 2023. These events focused on green skills, renewable energy, and sustainable development. High-profile figures, including President Rahman, contributed to panel discussions which revolved around the skills required for the green digital transition, potential collaborations, and the role of IEEE in fostering sustainable expertise in Europe. 

IEEE and CapGemini co-organize panel at The Conference Board Sustainability Summit, New York

On 14 July, Clara Neppel (IEEE) and Sol Salinas (Global Executive Vice President and Global Group Accounts Sustainability, Capgemini) participated in a panel discussion moderated by Dana M Peterson (Chief Economist, The Conference Board) as part of The Conference Board’s landmark event Sustainability Summit: Thriving Amid the Global Energy Transition. The panel on “The Role of Technology Experts and Advisors in the Net-Zero Transition” explored how companies can work within supportive networks of technology experts and advisors to implement, benchmark, and communicate sustainable activities from requirements to reuse.

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