IEEE Technology Center for Climate Change

The IEEE Technology Center for Climate (ITCC), based in the IEEE global office in Vienna, Austria, supports partnerships with leading institutions to advance pragmatic technical approaches and solutions to climate change—and to drive global innovation through targeted collaboration and knowledge sharing.

ITCC is dedicated to advancing the responsible development, deployment and use of technology for the environment and public good by connecting, informing and enabling problem-solvers to foster technological innovation that prioritizes sustainability.

It provides a collaborative and interconnected approach for institutions to access neutral, practical expertise as they explore and implement technology to address climate change.

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ITCC Pillars

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Technology Insight through our Knowledge Collaborative

Through IEEE’s diverse technical and geographic communities, we provide technically sound and neutral information to help ensure practical approaches for climate change technology development and use. We promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices related to technology for climate change and facilitate listening and learning opportunities.

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Collaboration and Partnership

By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among industry, government agencies and other stakeholders to address environmental implications of technology, we aim to inform and enable the development and implementation of responsible technology solutions and policies.

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Informing Policies through Vetted Technical Expertise

We engage with policy makers and regulatory bodies to provide technical expertise and insights into the development and implementation of climate policies.