Skills for Sustainability

What skills and profiles are in short supply in the green transformation? How is the industry identifying gaps and carrying out workforce recruitment and planning? What is the role of policy makers and technical communities in this challenge? Engineers and industry players are already working towards their net zero goals. However, deploying related strategies and scaling-up green technologies requires adequate workforce, even with some new skills emerging. How will policymakers, industry adapt and rise to meet this challenge?

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Learn more about our work on the theme Skills for Sustainability which aims to shed light on the ongoing efforts across different areas to identify, equip and acquire the workforce with technical and other skills needed for climate action, how engineering adapts to consider the impact of climate change, and what is the role of professional organizations and certification in supplying the up- and reskilling needed.


Webinar Series

Empowering The Green Tech Revolution: From Design to Deployment

Episode 4:

The Technical Workforce for a Sustainable future

The Technical Workforce for a Sustainable Future is the fourth episode in the IEEE Technology Center for Climate (ITCC) webinar series Empowering The Green Tech Revolution: From Design to Deployment, co-organised by ITCC and Reuters Events on 14 December 2023, 14:00 CET I 08:00 EST, the webinar looked at the skills and profiles emerging and needed for a net zero future, and the way this impacts industry, policy, education and training.