Ethics and Governance

There is a pressing need for tools to measure the impact of technology on climate, both from an industry and governmental perspective. Effective management requires accurate measurement, and the green and digital transitions demand science-based indicators to guide decision-making. Assessments are crucial even before making investments, offering insights into the long-term implications of services. This knowledge influences investment strategies, regulatory decisions, and procurement processes, for a more sustainable future.

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To develop robust measurement tools, technical and domain experts must come together and apply a systems thinking approach. By doing so, we can address the complexities of assessing solutions, products, and technologies. In addition, life cycle assessments surrounding products and sector-wise evaluations, and the pivotal role measurement tools play an important role in making informed investments and choosing technical solutions that align with environmental and sustainability objectives.

Learn more about our work on the theme Ethics and Governance, as ESG reporting is becoming increasingly significant in evaluating how sustainable companies truly are. Establishing a consensus on reporting metrics is crucial for accurate assessments, moving away from industry self-reporting to external reporting to prevent greenwashing.


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